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env.infohackit @Birmingham 2017 – Day 1

After a break for Christmas and new year, Infohackit is back and on the road again this time visiting the University of Birmingham with students from...

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Check out the Storify from env.infohackit @Birmingham 2017

Join us as we livetweet and post about env.infohackit @Birmingham 2017

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5 Things I Learned About Science Communication Events from infohackit

Postdoctoral science researcher Damian Smith recalls his experiences at EnvEast infohackit 2016 and tells us about some of the things he learned...

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env.infohackit @Plymouth 2016 – Day 1

With env.infohackit @Southampton having been such a huge success, we were ready to take on Plymouth with a brand new set of PhD environmental...

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Check Out the Storify from env.infohackit @Plymouth 2016

Join us as we livetweet and post about env.infohackit @Plymouth 2016.

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env.infohackit @Southampton 2016 – Day 1

We launched the first round of env.infohackit in Southampton on December 1 2016. Our environmental sciences PhD students eagerly arrived at...

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