env.infohackit @Birmingham 2017 – Day 1

After a break for Christmas and new year, Infohackit is back and on the road again this time visiting the University of Birmingham with students from Birmingham, Newcastle, Cambridge and Cranfield universities. In preparation for the hack event on Tuesday, we lead a day long workshop on research communications and giving the PhD students their first experience of Adobe Illustrator.

Polar Bear with us

After having fun with penguins and fish at the events before Christmas, this time the students were creating illustrations of polar bears, seeing how simple outlines can build up into an effective illustration.


Infographic Challenges

After mastering drawing polar bears, the students moved on to choosing one of three infographic challenges: a process graphic explaining how to safely build a campfire, a data visualisation task assessing the relative danger of shark attack depending on which watersport you do and an overview of the NERC innovation programme.
We were really impressed with the standard of work across both challenges and amazing to see new skills being put into practice so quickly.

On to day 2

Tomorrow we’ll be welcoming members of Birmingham’s vibrant creative community to join the teams and work together for 12 intense hours of infographic hacking.

Make sure you check out our Storify for env.infohackit @Birmingham 2017 for a full rundown of the day.