env.infohackit @Manchester 2017 – Day 1

After a day’s travel from Birmingham to Manchester we were ready to meet a new batch of PhD students for a day of creative research communications training.
Today’s venue was the absolutely massive Sackville Street building – and after negotiating our way through long corridors and up stairs, we found the excellent CDT hive.

Seal of approval?

After discussions about the importance and  history of infographics we moved on to a tour of Adobe Illustrator and start using some basic tools.
The PhD students had a go at drawing their own vector baby seals – with some fantastic results…

Infographic challenges

We gave the students a choice of three topics for creating infographics: a process graphic explaining how to safely build a campfire, a data visualisation task assessing the relative danger of shark attack depending on which watersport you do and an overview of the NERC innovation programme.
Quite a few of the participants sketched out a plan before starting to build their first full infographic. Extra features of illustrator started becoming useful, quite a lot of pathfinder, align and distribute, and negotiating multiple layers and sometimes dartboards too. Pretty quick progress!

On to day 2...

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting three freelance designers from manchester who will be joining teams of PhD students to create fantastic infographic presentations. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with!