env.infohackit @Norwich 2017 – Day 1

Our passionate PhD scientists gave their all in the Adobe Creative Cloud training on Day 1 of the final heat of env.infohackit @Norwich. Arriving at the impressive OPEN venue in Norwich, the students were unsure what to expect but came away with new skills to help them tackle the task of the impending infohackit event.

Fantastic Foxes

After learning all about the interesting and diverse history of infographics, the students were faced with their first task – to trace the shape of a fox in Illustrator. This provided a crucial lesson in how to use the often reached for pen tool. The introduction to vector graphics couldn’t have gone better and the students’ results were fantastic.


Conveying Information Through Graphics

Getting to grips with the pen tool was a challenge in itself but what happened when the students were tasked with creating an actual infographic? The scientists were given a choice of three topics to choose from, each conveying different information. They then had to work out how to use the skills they had gained in Illustrator to tap into their creativity and produce an infographic. Once again, the results brilliantly conveyed the data and demonstrated finesse in creativity and composition.


Let the Hack Commence...

With a tiring day of learning Illustrator behind them, the students were able to go back to their dwellings and recharge for an energetic day ahead. env.infohackit @Norwich will be their chance to show off how much they learned about infographics as well as managing a team with creatives.