For the 4th event in our UK tour, we headed up to Manchester. The Sackville Street building in Manchester is immense, but it was fairly easy to find the Hive, a suite of rooms dedicated to doctoral training.

env.infohackit @Manchester was funded by NERC and sponsored by Adobe. The PhD students competing represented Newcastle University, Southamtpon University and Heriot Watt. They were supported by DTPs and CDTs including Spitfire, and Oil and Gas. The teams were completed with three superb freelancers from the excellent Manchester design community.

Brain Over Prawn (Winning Team)

PhD Researchers: Luke Holman, Aleksandra Svalova

Creative: Mike Hill

Brain Over Prawn won over the judges with their graphics aimed at consumers, offering information and advice on buying prawns responsibly.

Their presentation featured an awesome mocked up front cover for the Observer Food Monthly.

The winning infographic

It's me not EU

PhD Researchers: Katie St John Glew, Phil Green

Creative: Ian Fairfield

Topical graphics from It’s Me not EU on the potential impacts of Brexit on fisheries. This tricky debate was reflected in discussions throughout the day with the team trying to decide how to look at both positive and negative effects of Britain leaving the EU.


Info McGraphic Face

PhD Researchers: Ross Grant, Tabitha Permian

Creative: Stina Jones

Info McGraphic Face chose to explain underwater geophysics to younger audiences. They worked hard to create visual analogies (eg. a line of familiar microphone shapes to show recording sound underwater rather than illustrating the real equipment.

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