Our final city event was back to (our) home turf in Norwich. We managed to get four teams of eager PhD scientists to spend their valentine’s day with creatives to collaborate on research based infographics. Designer Pete Abbott from UX agency Foolproof was competing in his third infohackit.

env.infohackit @Norwich was funded by NERC and sponsored by Adobe. The PhD students competing represented University of East Anglia, British Antarctic Survey, University of Kent and the Earlham Institute. They were supported by EnvEast DTP, and Oil and Gas. The teams were completed with four amazing designers from the Norwich creative community.

The Crabsters (winning team)

PhD Researchers: Camilla Ryan, Ellie Fairfield

Creatives: Gerry Ormanova, Olivia Campey

The judges were really impressed with the crabsters fully rounded concept of an infographic forming part of the packaging for a lobster DNA testing kit. They started with the brand and packaging concepts in the morning and after lunch started work on their infographic. The infographic reminds the fishermen signed up to the testing programme what they need to do, and why it’s important.

Creative Gerry Ormanova was also a winner at last year’s Norwich infohackit!



The Non-FanPlastic Four

PhD Researchers: Cecilia Liszka, Jake Opher, Stuart Umbo

Creative: Vasileios Manthopoulos

The Non-FanPlastic Four chose to focus on helping people living in cities understand how marine plastic pollution could affect them. The team used press to guide us round a plate, showing how plastic can end up in the food we eat.



PhD Researchers: Kris Sales, Kate Rogerson

Creative: Pete Abbott

SSSI presented a beautiful infographic on the plight of the Iberian White Stork. After destruction of their native habitats, the White Storks resettled in landfill sites, but these habitats are now in danger too as governments use different methods of waste disposal.

This digital graphic had very well executed animations activated as the user scrolls down the graphic.


Bad Shrimp

PhD Researchers: Jessie Gardner, Jess Fisher

Creative: Carl Gamble

Bad Shrimp’s mobile friendly infographic details some of the problems associated with Ocean acidification, and marked a second infohackit appearance for a certain world leader, this time he’s unhappy about the taste of his shrimp! This infographic delivers each point individually in a long format.

Bad Shrimp Infographic
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