The relative risk infohackit brought together academics from 5 Global Challenges Research Fund projects from 8 universities across the UK.

The teams were formed around 4 cross cutting themes across the 5 projects and included professional and student creatives who were given 7 hours to create their infographics.

For the first time, our teams worked towards a common output, a relative risk microsite also created on the day.

Whose Resilience

Academics: Dr Carole White, Clare Shelton, Prof David Pyle

Creative: Simon Helliwell

Whose Resilience worked on the difference in perception of resilience to natural hazards and the different ways communities cope with risk.


Ositos Compartidos

Academics: Dr Anna Hicks, Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Dr Betsabe De La Barreda Bautista

Creatives: Jon Bliss, Jack Richardson

Clearly communicating the benefits of sharing knowledge between scientists and local communities was the aim of team Ositos Compartidos.


Team Together

Academics: Dr Eliza Calder, Prof Jenni Barclay, Danielle Charlton

Creatives: Elyssa Long, Nancy Smith

Team together examined how to communicate why an interdisciplinary approach is required to assessing risk. The team chose to illustrate their concept with a single case study, but it was agreed that further case studies could be explored using the same structure.


Relative Risk

Academics: Dr Joaquin Cortes, Prof Sarah Metcalfe, Prof Doreen Boyd, Prof Jason Dykes

Creatives: Gerry Ormonova, Margarita Stoyanova

Team Relative Risk explored how to communicate the relationship between knowledge, vulnerability and risk, and that in a lot of cases an increase in knowledge will reduce vulnerability and risk.

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