EnvEast infohackit 2016

Who: EnvEast DTP
When: February 22, 2016
Where: Norwich, UK

EnvEast infohackit 2016 took place on February 22, at Open in Norwich with 45 participants from a range of institutions and creative businesses. Participants formed 8 teams, working together for 12 hours to create exciting presentations for the evening event.

The judging panel comprised digital communications and design experts and professionals from both sciences and arts disciplines.

EnvEast is a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) led by the University of East Anglia’s world-renowned School of Environmental Sciences. It brings together expertise from universities and research centres to address important challenges faced by contemporary society. It provides multidisciplinary training to a new generation of science and business leaders working within environmental sciences.

The teams and the graphics

Our Glorious Leader Phil (Winning team)

Leaders: Gerry Ormanova, Freelance Illustrator (creative); Phil Lamb, University of East Anglia (research)


This team was tasked with communicating the sustainability of seafood. They used animation to convey the lifecycle of a tuna sandwich, including bold graphics and clear numerical data. The team worked together to first storyboard their movie and added informative copy to create a compelling film with a nautical design.

Explosive Earth (2nd place)

Leaders: Jon Bliss, MADE Agency (creative); Jennifer Woods, University of Cambridge (research)

Team Explosive Earth’s topic was volcanoes which are caused not by shifting tectonic plates but my the flow of magma within the Earth’s crust. A series of slides were put together for this presentation, each featuring simple eye-catching diagrams explaining each step of the volcanic eruption. The Icelandic lava field Holuhraun was used as a case study to more concretely illustrate these concepts.


Bugs Life

Leaders: Michael Stiff, animator (creative); Damian Smith, University of East Anglia (research)

Bugs Life created an animation to portray the reproductive lives of insects, specifically fruit flies. They referred to a particular study which had been carried out previously, using distinctive angular graphics and bar graphs to illustrate their points. A voiceover accompanied the film to clearly explain the significance of the study.


Codesign Sloths

Leaders: Hannah Broom, Norwich University of the Arts (creative); Cristina Pereira, University of East Anglia (research)

This team received climate change as their topic. Their infographic addressed potential impacts of climate change on Biodiversity in Brazil, using a pleasing soft rainbow colour palette to highlight how climate change affects protected areas in Brazil. Informative stats accompanied the imagery to provide further details about this complex topic.


Dead Oily Fish

Leaders: Katie Thomas, MADE Agency (creative); Ryan Gilchrist, University of East Anglia (research)


Pizza Powered Poster Posse

Leaders: Alice Cutting, MADE Agency (creative); Rachel Cooke, University of East Anglia (research)

This team’s graphic was about the role of sport and fitness on people’s health. Tackling the issues head on, the team broke down the research into manageable, colour-coded blocks. These were accompanied by minimalist illustrations of people and “bubble” style text boxes. The final product was an eye-catching exploration of problems which affect many people.



Leaders: Kazz Morohashi, artist (creative); Dimitrios Pappas, University of East Anglia (research)

Team BS

Leaders: Mark Salisbury, Solid Block (creative); Aife Hopkins-Doyle (research)

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