env.infohackit 2016/17 Birmingham

Who: The PhD students competing represented University of Birmingham, Newcastle University, Cranfield University and University of Cambridge. They were supported by DTPs and CDTs including DREAM, and Oil and Gas. The teams were completed with guests from the excellent Birmingham design community. env.infohackit Birmingham was funded by NERC.
When: January 17, 2017
Where: Birmingham, UK

Our Birmingham event was hosted at The Nicholson Building at Birmingham University, next door to the beautiful Winterbourne House & Gardens – well worth a visit!

The participants arrived at 8am, worked relentlessly through the 12-hour hackathon and created 4 excellent infographics. These would be judged at the end of the day by a panel comprising Steve Halett (Director of DREAM CDT) and Dr Emmanouil Tranos
Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Birmingham. All four presentations were excellent, and the judges found it difficult to decide on a winner.

The teams and the graphics

Shumo (winning team)

PhD Researchers: Samantha Probert, Milan Gritta, Hannah Budnitz,Ulrike Baranowski
Creative: Oliver Cowan

Team Shumo took home the title from Birmingham Infohackit for their superb superhero-inspired infographic. This infographic is an excellent example of how different visual styles can be used to effectively engage different audiences. This infographic appeals to young children, challenging them to make basic lifestyle changes in the name of combatting climate change.

The presentation of the graphic in a comic format produces distinct sections, whilst the use of slogans and an upbeat tone of voice help to make potentially dull topics, such as unplugging a television, important and meaningful.


Pipe Pundits

PhD Researchers: Miles Clement, Jack Richardson, Matt North, Nagat Almesmari, Ben Smith

Team Pipe Plan compressed an astonishing amount of information into one complete infographic, following all the pressures contributing to the running cost of water pipes.

The portrait format is well suited to a variety of formats, including mobile, and the device to use the pipe itself as a means of navigation through the graphic is particularly noteworthy.


Gender Benders

PhD Researchers: Juan Romero, Pablo Spivakovsky Gonzalez, Charles Mazinvanhanga, Azalariv S Ali
Creative: Patrick Johnson

Team Gender Bender created a polished infographic to highlight the potential dangers of Endocrine Disruptors in water, and their effect on humans and wildlife.

The circular format, presenting the human in the centre as the agent of change, is particularly effective – this smart graphic looks very much at home mocked up by the team as a feature in The Independent.


The Trumpets

PhD Researchers: Lauren Dackombe, Grant Tregonning, Abdulsalam Al-Bukhari, Al Rumson
Creative: Kevin Bishop

The Trumpets’ punk-rock take on Donald Trump’s climate change views is a fun piece with a serious message – highlighting the need to take climate change seriously, in itself defining the need for effective scientific communication.

Each of Trump’s climate-change-challenging tweets are met with a shortform graphic riposte, debunking the President’s comments.


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