Relative Risk infohackit

Who: Academics from five Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) projects, based at eight universities around the UK
When: June 13, 2017
Where: Nottingham, UK

GCRF supports cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries. GCRF forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment, and is administered through delivery partners including the Research Councils and national academies.

The teams were formed around four themes, cross-cutting the five GCRF projects. Over a seven-hour period, the academics worked with professional and student creatives to deliver their infographics.

This non-competive infohackit gave the academics involved the opportunity to collaborate and share insights, while creating infographics to support communication across the projects, with the graphics hosted on a relative risk microsite, delivered by the infohackit team on the same day.

The teams and the graphics

Whose Resilience

Academics: Dr Carole White, Clare Shelton, Prof David Pyle
Creative: Simon Helliwell

Whose Resilience worked on the difference in perception of resilience to natural hazards and the different ways communities cope with risk.

Infographic by team Whose Resilience?

Ositos Compartidos

Academics: Dr Anna Hicks, Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Dr Betsabe De La Barreda Bautista
Creatives: Jon Bliss, Jack Richardson

Clearly communicating the benefits of sharing knowledge between scientists and local communities was the aim of team Ositos Compartidos.


Infographic by team Ositos Compartidos, Spanish language

Team Together

Academics: Dr Eliza Calder, Prof Jenni Barclay, Danielle Charlton
Creatives: Elyssa Long, Nancy Smith

Team together examined how to communicate why an interdisciplinary approach is required to assessing risk. The team chose to illustrate their concept with a single case study, but it was agreed that further case studies could be explored using the same structure.

Infographic by Team Together

Relative Risk

Academics: Dr Joaquin Cortes, Prof Sarah Metcalfe, Prof Doreen Boyd, Prof Jason Dykes
Creatives: Gerry Ormonova, Margarita Stoyanova

Team Relative Risk explored how to communicate the relationship between knowledge, vulnerability and risk, and how vulnerability and risk can be reduced by increasing knowledge.

Infographic by team Relative Risk


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