SPHERES training workshop at University of Leeds

Earlier this year, we developed an intensive one-day training event for CEEDA at the British Antarctic Survey. The format proved successful and we recently ran a similar one-day event for SPHERES DTP, a collaboration between University of Leeds and University of York.

In the morning session we talked about the history of infographics (from cave paintings to Hans Rosling), the design principles of colour, images, type and composition, and went over the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Putting their new skills to the test, the PhD students drew some excellent ducks, with Adam creating this super image of a duck in flight…


See the gallery below for the rest of our brilliant ducks.

In the afternoon, the students got into teams and tackled more scientific visual challenges, working from text only content. Each team produced a collaborative infographic using the skills they’d learnt in the workshop.

The students were given three votes each to decide on the winning infographic and selected this coral reef graphic from David, Mike and Bex.

The winning infographic

The graphic employs a classic triptych composition, and the other students commented that it looked clear and professional. The winning team did especially well with their challenge as they had to change their plan halfway through the time allowed, and chose to simplify their original ideas to meet the deadline.

The winning team (Bex had to leave before the end!)

Duck Gallery


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