CEEDA Symposium 2019 at University of Cambridge

Who: EnvEast and Cambridge Earth Sciences Doctoral Training Partnerships
When: 3 April 2019
Where: Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cambridge

For a second year, we were invited by EnvEast and Cambridge Earth Sciences Doctoral Training Partnerships to run a workshop at their annual CEEDA symposium. 

Our 2019 venue was the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, in the ‘Court’, a communal building surrounded by several pavilions. Here’s some info about the architecture for those who like cool buildings.

This was our first full workshop using the excellent Affinity Designer. The students found it mostly intuitive and came up with some cracking work. 

In the morning, we talked through the design principles of colour, images, type and composition, as well as a speedy tour through the history of infographics. Students undertook a guided exercise to develop their technical skills by drawing Petri dishes, and then really stretched those skills by illustrating some blue tangs. Here’s a few highlights from that session. 

In the afternoon, our delegates got into teams to tackle one of three infographic challenges: 

  1. An overview infographic about the Mayon volcano
  2. A process infographic about marine plastics 
  3. A data infographic about Kiwis

Teams were provided with a small amount of information and advised to reduce or add to that as best suited the intended audience for their infographic. Teams were encouraged to think about how to assign roles within the group and to use their time to ensure maximum efficiency.

After two and a half hours, the teams were ready to display their completed infographics for the judging panel and participating students to vote for their winners.

Both winners worked on the kiwi brief. 
The judges choice was this excellent graphic by the Guardians of the Apteryx: 

The students opted for the infographic by The Stoats. 

Both teams came up with the neat idea of using a kiwi footprint to help structure their graphics, the Guardians to created boundaries between content, and the Stoats to lead the eye around the page. Nice work both teams! 

And the rest of the graphics:

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