Nottingham infohackit 2019

Who: Envision / STARS / Nottingham BBSRC DTPs
18&19 June 2019
Where: Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

20 PhD students from three Doctoral Training Partnerships came together for this collaborative training event at the University of Nottingham. Their varied research projects included viral contamination of water supplies, nutrition, mathematics and soil sciences.

Day 1 – Many moles and quite a lot of toast

We spent the morning talking through design principles and then undertook a detailed walkthrough of Affinity Designer. We started with some simple shape work, but quickly moved through to vector tracing moles (we had quite a few soil scientists in the room). Here’s some of the mole highlights:

After lunch, the students got into teams to address the briefest of briefs “How to Make a Piece of Toast”. The range of approaches to this challenge was impressive and the work reached a very high standard. 

Our winning team created a colourful marketing campaign for an audience who were completely unfamiliar with making toast. 

Day 2 – the teams and the graphics 

Sustainable Swaps (winning team)

Researchers: Laura Hunt, Oliver Baines, Samuel Musarika, Andrea Sartorius
Creative: Gerry Ormanova

Sustainable Swaps decided to work on a concept to help consumers make informed choices about the carbon footprint of the food they buy at the supermarket, and to consider swapping ingredients that create high emissions with others that may have a lower impact on the environment.

The team worked under the assumption that they would be be able to partner with a major UK supermarket chain, already known for it’s environmental campaign work. They researched the supermarket’s visual identity, and thought about different communications channels available.

The end result was a well considered campaign called “Sustainable Swaps”, including a magazine advert, point of sale displays and a clever recipe card with simple data visualisation.

Our judges were impressed with the concept and it’s potential for impact.

The winning project – here in the context of the supermarket’s own magazine
The corresponding recipe card
Campaign poster in situ
The winning team!

Final Frontier

Researchers: Cyan Turner, Tom Bott, Briony Jones, David Fidler
Creative: Kladi Vergine

Final Frontier’s impressive output was a plan for a series of outreach events aimed at young people on the subject of space. The team created a Facebook page and a website, both populated with some terrific infographics which helped to explain the content of the events.

Flying with bees

Researchers: Tom Oliver, Beckie Draper, Emma Fairbanks, Luke Hillary
Creative: Elyssa Long

Flying with bees were aiming to inform younger children about bees, and some of the reasons why they’re under threat in the UK. They worked hard to condense a lot of information into simple digestible points.

We really liked the idea of branded wildflower seeds, and the team’s innovative ideas for school resource packs, including some for students with learning difficulties.

Colourful infographic for school children
Extra materials


Researchers: Laura Briers, Martha Ledger, Beth Eveleigh
Creative: Simon Helliwell

Many women in the UK are at risk from having Iodine deficiency during pregnancy. Team WEDine created a public health campaign to try to address this issue. Their campaign centred around an infographic website, and also included a poster campaign and graphics for social media.

The colour scheme was particularly effective (making good use of purple, the colour of iodine) as well as yellow and pink highlight colours.

Website (left), print and online advertising (centre), poster (right)


Researchers: Eilidh Forster, Lucy Greenfield, Matthew Scowen, Jessica Potts
Creative: Stina Jones

Team Terry were communicating Carbon capture and storage to the construction industry, aiming to reach a professional conference audience with a poster and leaflet.

The fun character design guides people around the poster, which has some real illustration highlights like the custom CO2 typography and wood textures.

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