About us

The infohackit team deliver events to support researchers, students and experts to communicate concepts, processes and data. We have created a number of innovative event programmes which develop insights, deliver skills and build relationships. We believe that the event format provides the ideal environment to promote rich engagement and decisiveness, delivering both experiential and tangible outcomes.

We collaborate closely with project partners, approaching each project individually to create an event or programme of events which meet the specific aims and budget. We are experienced in contributing to funding bids and writing for proposals. We are able to gather feedback and happy to provide evaluation as suited to the project.

Research communication events

Programmes may incorporate a single event, two or more different types of events on consecutive days, several events held over a number of weeks, or a series of linked events at different locations. We can deliver events for any number of participants, anywhere in the UK (and we’re happy to speak to people further afield too!).

Example event formats:

Infographics hack

Participants are given a limited time (usually one full day) to work in teams to create infographics. Participants would typically be researchers or students and they would be supported by creative professionals. The infographics could communicate: a field of study; a process; some data. Through working on the infographics, participants have the opportunity to understand and experience:

  • Identifying audiences
  • Key messages and how to encapsulate information
  • Visualisation of complex information
  • The design process and how to succeed in working with design professionals
  • Collaboration, planning, prioritisation and delivery

Final outcomes of the event could include competitive presentations with a judging panel selecting the best infographic; or a collaborative output to share all the infographics (e.g. a simple micro site). Where appropriate, the infographics may also be published online or printed for display.

Infographics training

This is a workshop format which would typically include an introductory presentation to explain key principles of visual communication and design, followed by a walk-through of the software and guided challenge. Infographics training sessions can be half day or one full day, often held the day before a hack event to equip participants with additional skills. Participants should end the session with a good basic understanding of:

  • Software skills (usually Adobe Illustrator)
  • Design principles, and in particular how this applies to the communication of complex information or data
  • How to define and visualise key messages
Poster design workshops

This flexible workshop is aimed at people who would like to design or improve a research poster with the support of creative professionals. In this workshop each participant can use any software of their choice (such as MS Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or open source alternatives). Workshops can be delivered over different formats and time periods, for example:

  • 1 hour masterclass: Participants submit their poster drafts one week before the workshop and attend a 1 hour masterclass where our top 6 tips for poster design are explained through the context of the participants’ posters. This is a fast and fun format, with constructive criticism, praise and an opportunity for a Q&A at the end.
  • 1 day workshop: Participants arrive with an existing poster draft. After a 1 hour presentation on design principles, all attendees are supported in improving their poster. The workshop ends with presentations and prizes for the best poster(s).
  • 2 day workshop: Participants arrive with content for their poster and are supported in designing a poster from scratch. The workshop ends with presentations and prizes for the best poster(s).

Participants completing any of these workshops will gain a good understanding of design and communication principles. They will either have completed, or be in a position to complete, a poster, and will have the necessary skills to develop posters independently in the future.

Animation programme

After the success of our pilot animation programme with EnvEast doctoral training partnership, we are looking for interest for similar programmes with other institutions. The pilot format ran as four separate workshops:

  1. Ideation and storyboarding – getting your message across, planning your 2 minute animation and completing a storyboard, supported and facilitated by creative professionals  
  2. Adobe Illustrator training – a full day software training, aiming to create visual assets for your animation
  3. Adobe After Effect training – a full day encompassing an introduction to the software, importing graphics from Adobe Illustrator, and making a start on your own animation. This is followed by 2 weeks where the participants will work privately on their films, remote support during this period can be given.
  4. Final workshop – a full day of supported working with creative professionals to help complete your film. The workshop ends with presentations and prizes for the best animation.

This is an immersive, experience-rich programme that enables participants to engage with their research in a new and innovative way. Participants will explore creative thinking and develop practical skills along with a finished project that could be suitable for publication.

Creative consultancy and design

Alongside communication training events, our skilled, creative team can support project delivery through:

  • Planning / strategy
  • Project management
  • Design of print and digital materials

We are passionate about enhancing research communications and regularly share our knowledge and experience through opportunities such as mentoring, speaking at conferences and delivering seminars.